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CPD and IIRSM Approved

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Cyber Security

Essential viewing for office staff and managers, plus latest Working from Home information

The course highlights the groups and types of cyber attack your company, staff and home workers could face - plus the actions you need to take to setup a robust defence across your IT networks and systems, right down to protecting data on individual devices.

CPD and IIRSM Approved

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The Benefits 

External Threat Protection

Internal Threat Protection

Regulation Compliance

Improved Productivity

Cost Savings

Trust and Reputation

Office Essentials Bundle Offer
Now £35+VAT

Cyber Security, Introducing GDPR and Stress Management - for only £35.00 + VAT in total. (Normally, £95 + VAT). Save £60 + VAT!


Highly recommended

This was an easy to follow course and really very helpful . Liked the fact that it was short and had all the essential information to keep my personal and work details safe.

Liam, Web Developer


Excellent course, extremely helpful.

Sian Murray, Teacher

A great help

Easy to follow course covering all essential information

Brian McCann, Designer

Course Content

We start with official statistics that show the horrendous extent of cyber attacks throughout the world.

Then we identify the whole range of individuals and groups that carry out cyber attacks and look at why they engaging in this criminal activity. The list includes foreign governments, hackers, political activists, terrorists and malicious insiders.

You’ll also learn about the problems that can be created by negligent employees - including accidental data breaches and situations that lead to cyber attacks.

Finally, we answer the question: ‘Why would anyone want to target me?’

This module focuses how to identify and deal effectively with cyber attacks.

We start by stressing the importance of learning about your organisation’s existing information security policy and procedures, and the reasons they are in place.

Then we cover the main types cyber attack and the steps you can take to counter or eliminate their impact. Topics covered include phishing, password security, multi-factor authentication and the protection of individual devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

Finally, You’ll learn about organisational controls - with a focus on the software, apps, updates and systems that can be installed on your workplace devices.

We start by covering the security concerns and solutions for ‘data in motion’ - digital information transferred between locations, either within or between, computer systems.

You’ll learn the importance of an effective, proactive security approach to sensitive data, including classification and categorisation, coupled with content, user, and context-aware security protocols.

Next, we’ll look at Risk assessments and how they can uncover the volume of sensitive data being held, how it moves, the liability costs, and the number of users with access to sensitive information.

We’ll help you understand how to identify industry standards like PCI DSS and compliance requirements, such as the GDPR.

You’ll learn about encryption, data masking and the importance of securing your device with a screen lock when not using it. And how to protect onscreen information when people are in close proximity.

Finally, we’ll show you how to deal with your mistakes and stress the importance of challenging cyber security policies and processes.

This module addresses data security and solutions for the increasing number of employees working from home.

First, we deal with physical security - the physical theft of your communication devices and the data they contain. You’ll learn about the range of security steps you can take, including home security systems such as cameras and 24/7 remote alarm systems that can contact the police automatically.

We explain the security advantages of investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and antivirus software that's regularly updated and provided by a reputable organisation.

There are also useful tips on how to deal with family members who may feel tempted to use your work devices, and show the steps you can take to ensure password, router and WiFi security.

Then we look at why you should only use the storage systems provided by your IT department.

You’ll also learn about patch management and how to avoid vulnerable situations by installing patches as soon as they become available.

Finally, we stress the importance of maintaining good communications with your company and the people responsible for cyber security.

Who should take this course?
Anyone who uses a computer and has business, personal, financial and confidential information that needs to be keep secure.

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Technical requirements
The course can be accessed on a variety of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. The only software required is a search engine, such as Google or Firefox.

Office Essentials Bundle Offer
Now £35+VAT

Cyber Security, Introducing GDPR and Stress Management - for only £35.00 + VAT in total. (Normally, £95 + VAT). Save £60 + VAT!

CPD and IIRSM Approved

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