Just about every company at some will have a problem with conflict among its internal people, or staff having to deal with external conflict situations such as a difficult or angry customer, supplier or members of the public etc. The type of conflict or extent of conflict will vary.

HSM training has designed a programme to cover the essentials to support your staff when dealing with conflict. Delegates will learn skills to enable them to deescalate aggressive situations and ensure a safer working environment. The course explains how and why conflict arises and what to do to defuse situations

Learn how to get on better with different people. Avoid getting drawn into arguments and tensions that disrupt work and impact on others negatively. Improve capability to be able to manage emotions or the emotions of others. Understand how to prevent, manage and resolve conflict effectively.

Training Objectives

We will provide key tips and techniques to help delegates;

  • Identify what triggers conflict
  • Deal with uncomfortable and strongĀ  feelings
  • Manage emotions to stay calm and in control
  • Recognise why a person is difficult and how to respond accordingly
  • Turn arguments into constructive discussions
  • Defuse blame
  • Engage in active listening
  • Understand the roles people play
  • Deliver bad news using emotional intelligence
  • Create win-win outcomes

Improve confidence to act assertively during challenging times. Demonstrate effective conflict management techniques, reduce stress levels and remain positive .

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