Behavioural and Cultural Safety Training

If you want safe behaviour, you need to have a safe culture.

In creating positive and lasting change it requires a mind-set shift, in particular towards how people view how they go about their day to day work in a safe manner.  People do not just change overnight. They first learn, understand and apply behaviours that progress subconsciously so that  positive safety behaviours becomes  a habit. In a positive safety culture, people are encouraged to put safety first and be looking for ways to improve safety.

Understanding the different attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and values is the first step towards creating change in safety culture.

Our accredited trainers have the edge in that they are Motivational Speakers and experts when it comes to attitude and motivation.  As NLP (neuro linguistic programming) specialists, they understand what works in people’s thinking, language and behaviour to create new ways to embrace an excellent safety culture.

We explain why it is that sometimes people decide not to put on their hard hats in a hard hat area or forget to hold onto handrails and run down the stairs, or maybe cut corners just to get the job done.   Why staff feel pressure to do things quickly rather than correctly or simply that they think accidents can only happen to other people?  We explore these and other attributing factors to uncover the underlying issues .

Our training will help transform the way people respond in the future and help create an interdependent culture, ensuring safe behaviours are consistent throughout the organisation.

We offer companywide programmes for leaders, managers and employees.

We will design a programme specifically for you. You can choose the best approach to fit  the numbers  of staff you employ.

  • Motivational  style conference event for all company personnel to attend.
  • Classroom training.
  • Bitesize sessions.

Some of the benefits

Behavioural and cultural safety training will help;

  • Reduce in injury rates.
  • Allow staff  to feel valued and proud to work for the organisation.
  • Increase motivation and morale in the workplace.
  • Create an interdependent culture.
  • Become an employee magnet when it comes to ensuring a  positive a safety  culture.
  • Save on costs.
  • Improve  profits.
  • Excellent reputation in  health and safety.

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